Source code for kentauros.modules.constructor.rpm.spec_common

This sub-module serves provides shared code for this subpackage. This includes:

 * :py:class:`RPMSpecError`: custom exception that is raised when errors occur during the parsing
   of .spec files
 * :py:func:`format_tag_line`: simple function generating prettified spec tag lines


[docs]class RPMSpecError(Exception): """ This custom exception will be raised when errors occur during parsing of an RPM spec file. Arguments: str value: informational string accompanying the exception """ def __init__(self, value=""): super().__init__() self.value = value def __str__(self): return repr(self.value)
[docs]def format_tag_line(tag: str, value: str) -> str: """ This function takes a tag and value as arguments and returns a nicely formatted tag line, aligning values after column 16 (second / fourth tab). Arguments: str tag: tag of tag line str value: tag value Returns: str: pretty tag line """ return tag + ":" + (16 - len(tag) - 1) * " " + value + "\n"